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Aug 7, 2012

She’s Ale That

The top women revolutionizing craft beer in 2012.

for_beerSome scientists believe women have a superior sense of smell, which may be one reason that throughout human history women have traditionally worn the brewers’ boots. But for one reason or another, it’s only been recently that many women have been accepted as equals in modern brewhouses. There’s even an indiefilm about women in beer making the rounds.

Great beer has inspired more than a few social revolutions, which is roughly why, in no particular order, we present our picks for the top female beer professionals. Eleven, in fact, but who’s counting? And by top, we mean: most talented, influential, formidable, and inspiring. They’re alternately crazy-skilled, tattoo-tough, scary-smart, and really good at educating the masses about the mysteries and delights of great beer. And most of all, they’re making it count in a boys’ club that can use the fresh-faced competition. You go, girls. Tell us what you think in the comments below. And read on for our star-studded list.

Lori Beck
Holy Grale/Louisville Beer Store, Louisville, KY

There are beer bars in the South and then there’s Holy Grale, housed in a former Unitarian church constructed in 1905. Beck and partner Tyler Trotter expanded from a bottle shop in 2011 to add 20 rare and delicious taps and high-end pub grub, helping advance the march of great craft beer across the American South, earning a spot on DRAFT magazine’s annual list of the best beer bars in the nation along the way.

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