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Aug 7, 2012

She’s Ale That

The top women revolutionizing craft beer in 2012.

for_beerSome scientists believe women have a superior sense of smell, which may be one reason that throughout human history women have traditionally worn the brewers’ boots. But for one reason or another, it’s only been recently that many women have been accepted as equals in modern brewhouses. There’s even an indiefilm about women in beer making the rounds.

Great beer has inspired more than a few social revolutions, which is roughly why, in no particular order, we present our picks for the top female beer professionals. Eleven, in fact, but who’s counting? And by top, we mean: most talented, influential, formidable, and inspiring. They’re alternately crazy-skilled, tattoo-tough, scary-smart, and really good at educating the masses about the mysteries and delights of great beer. And most of all, they’re making it count in a boys’ club that can use the fresh-faced competition. You go, girls. Tell us what you think in the comments below. And read on for our star-studded list.

Lori Beck
Holy Grale/Louisville Beer Store, Louisville, KY

There are beer bars in the South and then there’s Holy Grale, housed in a former Unitarian church constructed in 1905. Beck and partner Tyler Trotter expanded from a bottle shop in 2011 to add 20 rare and delicious taps and high-end pub grub, helping advance the march of great craft beer across the American South, earning a spot on DRAFT magazine’s annual list of the best beer bars in the nation along the way.

For the full article and list of other leading ladies in craft beer, please visit:

LBS in the News: Eater National 5/12

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The Restaurant Scene in Louisville’s Red-Hot NuLu

Monday, May 21, 2012, by Gabe Ulla

Welcome to Taking the Temperature, in which Eater checks the vital signs of various food scenes to find out what’s exciting and what’s DOA. Today: Hot restaurants in Louisville’s developing NuLu neighborhood.

There is a stretch of East Market Street in Louisville, Kentucky, that is jam-packed with new restaurants. They’ve been calling this area NuLu — a portmanteau of “new” and “Louisville” — since it’s basically where every single cool, artisanal, slightly Brooklyn-y thing lands. You’ve got your restaurants likeRye and Decca, which focus on simple, product-driven food in casual settings, but also brick-and-mortar locations of food trucks (Taco Punk), excellent beer stores (Louisville Beer Shop), and coffee spots (Please and Thank You).

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LBS in Chicago Magazine 6/12

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East Market Street

Dubbed NuLu, this new retail district is bursting with adorable shops, bakeries, markets, and high-concept restaurants serving great drinks. Spend an hour—or an entire afternoon.

Join Louisville’s brunch bunch for the brioche French toast stuffed with peanut butter, bananas, and mascarpone. 620 E. Market St.; 502-569-4099

This James Beard Award nominee does local and seasonal to the hilt. Buttermilk- fried chicken livers, anyone? Make it a double. 624 E. Market St.; 502-384-9090

Neapolitan-style pizza, a flawless Caesar salad, and great beer come together at this rehabbed auto repair shop. Look for the crashed muscle cars out front. 700 E. Market St.; 502-749-7100

This beer boutique is crammed to the rafters with imports and domestics you’ll want to load into your car. Eight beers on tap too. 746 E. Market St.; 502-569-2337

What happens when a vinyl record geek marries a baking goddess? A self-serve listening station, a marshmallow-topped latte, and amazing chocolate chip cookies. Perfect together. 800 E. Market St.

Sophisticated Mexican cuisine from Bruce Ucan, who grew his concept from a food truck. 813 E. Market St.; 502-566-0651

7. RYE
One side of this establishment is a bar for cocktail lovers, the other is for serious eaters. Either way, you win. 900 E. Market St.; 502-749-6200

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LBS in the News: Chicago Tribune 3/12

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Chicago Tribune


The new old Louisville starts to hum

March 27, 2012|By Josh Noel, Tribune Newspaper

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — First came the art galleries. Then the boutiques. Then the food and drink (craft and farm-to-table, thank you very much). Then the — record store and trendy barbershop?

Yes, yes, yes and yes, and that equation, spread across four rapidly developing blocks east of Louisville’s downtown, has brought sudden vigor to a corner of Kentucky best known for its horses, bourbon and baseball bats.

Here they call it NuLu. While the world might not need another precious urban nickname, Louisville dearly needed NuLu — or New Louisville, if you prefer — for an infusion of the delicious, the trendy and the novel. Across this stretch of East Market Street, as it is properly known, about 30 locally owned businesses have sprouted, many during the last year, without a chain in sight.

It makes visiting East Market Street a necessity during any trip to Louisville and an easy, rewarding way to spend a day.

“It’s been fun to watch,” said Joyce Garner, 64, whose art gallery has been on the NuLu strip since long before it was called NuLu. “Now I can get some soup for lunch.”

When Garner moved to East Market Street eight years ago, it was a largely stagnant path of boarded brick buildings with a few art galleries and a homeless shelter. It was a place locals hurried past on their way home from downtown. Then things started to change in a hurry.

Not long after the homeless shelter closed, restaurant after restaurant started opening — fine dining, casual dining, farm-to-table dining, a taco place, a pizza place in an old garage — along with the quirky wrinkles that make any neighborhood shine. Among the recent entries have been Please and Thank You, a coffee shop that doubles as a vinyl record store, the handsome wood-and-brick Market Street Barbers, and Louisville Beer Store, which is both a world-class bottle shop and a bar with eight hard-to-find craft beers on tap.

“Louisville was already blowing up, but then our generation got involved,” said Daniel van Dijk, 28, a bartender at Louisville Beer Store. “It’s not just 50-year-olds opening things; it’s people in their 20s opening things.”

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The Urbain exchange: Struise meets the Midwest

April 24th, 2011 posted by lori

The Urbain exchange: Struise meets the Midwest

On May 2nd, Urbain Coutteau of De Struise Brouwers (rated 2010’s #1 Belgian brewery by Rate Beer) will begin an exciting journey through the Midwest, hosted and organized by friends and fans, Tyler Trotter and Lori Beck (owners of Louisville Beer Store and Holy Grale, located in Louisville Kentucky.) Special dates include brew days with colleagues and friends at Three Floyds Brewery (Munster, IN) Half Acre w/ Pipeworks Brewing Co. (Chicago, IL), and New Albanian Brewing Co. (New Albany, IN) as well as a trip to the famous Kentucky Derby, Louisville, KY’s own Kelvin Cooperage, and the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. The mission of this adventure is to encourage the exchange of ideas and inspiration resulting in innovative, creative, and unique beers that reflect the shared experiences and culture of the great Midwest and result in deeper exploration into the craft brewing process. Struise’s website:

The Itinerary:

Monday, May 2nd – Arrive in Chicago for a meet and greet at West Lakeview Liquors at 5pm.

Tuesday, May 3rd – Brew day at Three Floyds Brewery. Beer being brewed: Belgian IPA

Wednesday May 4th – Brew day at Half Acre with Pipeworks Brewing Co.
Beer being brewed: Barrel-aged Wild Ale

Thursday, May 5th – Bourbon & Barrels: visit the Kentucky Bourbon country and Kelvin Cooperage

Friday, May 6th – Oaks day at Churchill Downs, followed by “DUB & GRUB” party at Louisville Beer Store – featuring Jamaican food by Dirk Woods and music by World Force Reggae (Basil & Ibuka); specials guests from Struise, 3 Floyds, Founders Brewing Co. Special tap line up from Struise, Founders, Three Floyds, and others, TBA

Saturday, May 7th – Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs followed by the 1st annual Beer Ball at Holy Grale. Featuring 20 selects draft beers from Struise, Three Floyds, and many others. Line-up TBA; RSVP required – email names in party to:

Sunday, May 8th – Brewday at NABC Bank Street Brewhouse. Beer being brewed: Mint Julep DIPA

Monday, May 9th – Brewday at NABC Grantline Brewery followed by Office Hours with the Publican and guest host, Urbain Coutteau.

This info can be found at:


Holy Grale 1034 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY 40204

Louisville Beer Store 746 East Market St, Louisville, KY 40202 502.569.BEER /

2010 Holiday Hours

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Louisville Beer Store’s 2010 Holiday hours:

Thanksgiving Week:

Thursday , November 25th – Thanksgiving (CLOSED)

Christmas Week:

Friday, December 24th – Christmas Eve (12ish – 12ish)

Saturday, December 25th – Christmas (CLOSED)

New Years Week:

Friday, December 31st – New Year’s Eve: 12ish to 10ish

Saturday, January 1st – New Years Day: CLOSED

**CLOSED for Vacation January 1st thru January 6th**

(Regular Business Hours begin, Friday, January 7th)

Beer Travels to Belgium & Holland

October 9th, 2010 posted by lori
Beer Travels to Belgium & Holland

Tyler and I set out on September 18th for a tour around Belgium to
some of our favorite breweries, beer stores, and beer establishments with a final destination in mind, the Borefts Beer Festival at Brouwerji De Molen, in Bodegraven Netherlands. In this newsletter I’ve written down some of the highlights to share with you. Everyday surpassed our highest expectations, so here it is, I hope you enjoy this months newsletter as much as I have writing it!

Sunday, September 19th / Day 1:
Brouwerji De Dolle Brouwers

We arrived to the brewery right before they were opening for the day and were greeted by a lovely older woman who had been scrubbing and cleaning inside the brewery on the second floor.  This woman turned out to be Kris Herteleer’s (the brewers) 93-year old mother who next lead us thru the brewery and gave perhaps one of the best tours I have ever received.  She spoke of how the beer kept her very healthy – the hops fought cancer, the natural yeasts made her body function well, and the grains gave her strength and energy, which means that beer is good for you, so drink up!.  After our tour, we were greeted by the brewer who was wearing a black coat spotted with the oerbier man, which he said he only wore on Sundays and  special occasions.  After a brief discussion, we headed to the cellar and began to taste a variety of Special Reserva Oerbier’s and Stille Nacht’s from the barrels.
Next, we headed to the tasting room to sample Arabier and Oerbier from the tap in addition to some vintage bottles, like Extra Export Stout 2008. Next we were asked if we like sour beer, which of course the answer was “yes!”. This then lead to sampling the only bottle of brett-infected 2008 Stille Nacht Reserva (750ml).  As the drinks flowed, Kris and I began to speak of another passion, art!  Kris is an artist and architect by week and brewer by the weekend.  After looking through his scrapbook, we even bought a print of an original watercolor he painted (to be framed soon) Now that we are home, I am trying to book an exhibit and beer tasting, so stay tuned! Kris and family may make it to Louisville one day!

Monday, September 20th / Day 2: Brugge, Belgium

Our second day in Brugge was beautiful, we drank beer on the canal, checked out numerous beer stores and enjoyed the company, knowledge, and enthusiasm of Tom Allewaert, the owner of Erasmus (perhaps one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed in!).  Seriously, he knows it all! … we were happy to see him again in Bodegraven!
We visited many spots: 2be, Bier Tempel, Bottle Shop, ‘t Brugs Beertje, Cambrinus, Comptoir des Arts, ‘t Poatersgat… Some of the Beers enjoyed:Westvleteren 8, Boon Kriek (draft), Urthel Saisoneirre (draft), ‘t Smisje Smiske Nature Ale, Struise Pannepot Reserva 2008, Strusie Cuvee Delphine, Valier Extra, Horal’s Oude Gueuze Mega Blend, Boon 2005 Marriage Parfait, Vivan Porter, Vivan IPA……

Tuesday, September 21st / Day 3:
Picobrouwerji Alvinne & De Struise Brouwers

We headed straight to Alvinne to meet one of the brewers, Davy Spiessens.  It was a working day so we spent most of our time in the attic cellar, which had a beer store that made me quite envious.  They bring these beers in to sell, but most importantly, to stay inspired and aware of what others are brewing all over the world, which I feel is reflected in all the beers Alvinne makes. We were lucky enough to try the new and limited beers that haven’t made it to the US yet.  All of the beers use a new yeast strain, called Morpheus, and a majority of these beers were barrel-aged and/or sour. Yummy! Here is what we “tasted” – Alvinne Kerasus, Morpheus Wild, Mano Negra (oaked), Kerasus (Bourgogne Barrel-Aged), & Alvinne/Birdsong Nightowl. Click here for website.

Next, we headed to De Struise’s new brewery which is in an old schoolhouse and very lovely I may add!  We were welcomed by Urbain Cotteau, the brewer, who immediately began to taste some of the newest De Struise beers: Ignis & Vlam, Elliot Brew, Black Damnation IV Coffee Club, and Triple Eisbock…. yes, Triple Eisbock. Urbain has built a prototype eisbocking machine, that successfully attenuated the Black Albert to 39%.  It tasted heavenly and made me rethink this whole “eisbocking war” in a good way.  When done right, a 39% beer can taste very very fine!  Stayed in the lovely Poperinge, Belgium, where tons of hops are grown to make good beer!

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Special Vacation Hours Sept. 21st-October 3rd

August 10th, 2010 posted by lori

Starting on Tuesday, September 21st, special Louisville Beer Store Hours will be in effect until  Tuesday, October 5th.

Mondays – CLOSED

Tuesday thru Thursday – 4ish to 10ish

Friday – 4ish to 12ish

Saturday – 12ish to 12ish

Sunday – 1ish to 7ish

*Normal store hours will resume on Tuesday, October 5th

Q&A with

August 10th, 2010 posted by lori

Q&A with Louisville beer experts [Food and Dining], from

Submitted by amytalbott on Fri, 08/06/2010 – 13:53.

Lori Beck, 28, and Tyler Trotter, 31, have an amazing appreciation for, and knowledge about all things beer. Last year, they both left previous careers- Lori was an artist and art curator, Tyler was a musician and sound engineer, to open the Louisville Beer Store on Market Street

What made you decide to open the store?
Tyler had been touring and was inspired by the Belgian beer stores & West coast tasting & tap rooms.  Louisville Beer Store is sort of a mix of the two.  Both of us  have a long love affair with craft beer and had been searching far and wide to find rare and hard-to-get bottles, so we decided to just open a beer store here in Louisville.

Do you have any special events coming up?
Friday, August 20th – Beer Dinner at 610 Magnolia
This menu looks amazing! We can’t wait to try the beers we picked out with Chef Edward Lees cuisine.

Saturday, October 2nd – Oktoberfest at NULU Fest
Louisville Beer Store is bringing in a variety of imported German craft brews, not to mention a local beer tent featuring the best German-style beers made in town!  We are planning a Beerfest competition too.

LBS 1-year Anniversary!
For the entire month of November we are tapping some very special kegs and hosting some of the most exciting beer events of the year!  Big Bottle Bash, Dogfish Head Takeover!, Sour Ale & Chocolate pairing… and more!

What beers would you recommend for….

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LBS featured on KET’s Louisville Life!

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Watch online at:

Michigan Brewery Tour Review

January 15th, 2010 posted by lori

Louisville Beer Store Michigan Brew Tour Review

After 6 days, 1,164 miles, 14 breweries, 5 beer bars, 6 beer stores, and one heck of a snow storm we are happy to be enjoying brews at home.
It was quite the epic beer adventure…. We drank some excellent beers, we beer-shopped our little hearts out, we were mesmerized by all the breweries big and small, and we met some of the most interesting & inspiring people in the beer community!  We hope you find this review helpful in your future travels to these areas & hope to offer you a chance to go on a brewery tour with us in Michigan in the summer/fall. Cheers! and Thank you to all that made this trip a memorable one!!!!

Day # 1: Ann Arbor, MI

Jolly Pumpkin Cafe
We made it in time to have dinner at Jolly Pumpkin, which was absolutely amazing! We shared a Noel de Calabaza on tap and a bottle of Baudelaire EYO Saison, a beer we had never heard of before.  There were about 5-6 beers in the “Baudelaire” series, in which our server explained to us that this series was “one of the alter ego brews” by Ron Jeffries, JP brewer. After getting home and doing a bit of research, this is what I found on the exciting & beautiful Baudelaire beers:

“These are the first beers in a liquid narrative that Ron [Jeffries, Founder] and Adam Forman (label artist) have been working on. At this time the graphic novel that Adam is doing as a companion to the beers has been put on hold. As we had the beers done, we are going to sell them and if the project comes to fruition then we will produce these beers again.”

As of now these beers are not available anywhere but the JP taproom, but lets all cross our fingers that they do in fact make it to fruition in the eyes of Mr. Jeffries.  They are quite the treat!

The Beer Depot
We found some amazing vintage beers at this little store in Ann Arbor!  (The Hitachino 2005 Celebration Ale & 2005 Drie Fontaine Schaerbeekse Kriek both for amazing prices!)

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LBS on Fox 41 TV!

December 22nd, 2009 posted by lori

Visit link for video:

Local business focuses on imported beer

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LBS in the Press

December 22nd, 2009 posted by lori


Urban Chickens on the loose in NULU

Featured in Broken Sidewalk, Dec. 17th 2009

With Nulu gaining reputation as a top neighborhood for all things food, it seems a  couple of chickens wanted to get in on the action.  Last week, a rooster and a hen  were found roaming the streets of Nulu, presumably looking for directions to  CakeFlour.

Lori Beck and Tyler Trotter, owners of the Louisville Beer Store on East Market,  found the hen wandering on Shelby Street and her rooster companion perched atop  a bicycle behind the store.  With one fell swoop, Lori and Tyler rescued the  chickens and took one more bike thief off the streets.

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