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December 22nd, 2009 posted by lori

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Local business focuses on imported beer

Local business has much more than 99 bottles of beer on the wall

December 15th, 2009

It’s not a micro-brewery, but it is believed to be the city’s only retail outlet focusing on imported beer.  The owners’ passion for beer is now their small business.

East Market Street is filled with many specialty stores.  The latest to open is the Louisville Beer Store.  There are more than 99 bottles of beer on the wall — more like two hundred from all over the world.  Co-owner Lori Beck points out, “We have Spain’s first micro-brewery, Denmark, England…Then we get into Brazil, the Czech Republic, Poland, Norway.”

And Tyler Trotter, also a co-owner, says, “All beers are going to be different country to country, even just by the difference in the water.  Water plays such a huge part in beer in general.”

Tyler Trotter and Lori Beck know all about beer.  That’s why he, the touring musician, and she, the glass artist, decided to go into business for themselves.  Beck says, “Tyler has been fantasizing about it for the past few years now.”

Trotter explains, “It’s more like a Euro-style cafe where you come in and set up more for getting package beer…You can sample different beers to kind of help influence what you might take home.”

Since opening about a month ago, they have been pleasantly surprised with the number of customers coming through the door.  According to Beck, “A lot of people come in and they’ll have a beer and then they’ll pick up some things they haven’t had before and head out.  And that’s the idea, that this is more of a tasting room where you can try new things.”

They are already looking to expand, with a backyard beer garden in a part of town where they feel like they belong.  Trotter says, “There was a huge Louisville past with a bunch of family-run breweries pre-Prohibition, and a lot of that was down in this area.  So to me it’s kinda the perfect place to bring beer back to the neighborhood.”

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