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December 22nd, 2009 posted by lori


Urban Chickens on the loose in NULU

Featured in Broken Sidewalk, Dec. 17th 2009

With Nulu gaining reputation as a top neighborhood for all things food, it seems a  couple of chickens wanted to get in on the action.  Last week, a rooster and a hen  were found roaming the streets of Nulu, presumably looking for directions to  CakeFlour.

Lori Beck and Tyler Trotter, owners of the Louisville Beer Store on East Market,  found the hen wandering on Shelby Street and her rooster companion perched atop  a bicycle behind the store.  With one fell swoop, Lori and Tyler rescued the  chickens and took one more bike thief off the streets.

We were alerted to the impending crisis via Twitter with a message that read,  “Anyone know someone in NuLu that keeps chickens? They’ve lost their flock!”  It  seems in these dire times, even livestock isn’t immune to coop foreclosure.

Tyler Trotter says the chickens’ home still hasn’t been found, but neighbors are being notified.  The birds are taking temporary shelter in the backyard of the Louisville Beer Store until further notice.

The so-called “urban chicken movement” has been gaining momentum across the country with the rising popularity of “locavores” raising their own food close to home.  It is legal to have chickens in the city of Louisville, but it remains somewhat of an oddity around town.  Having heard the familiar cluck from backyards on my own walks, it always is an unexpected surprise.

Do you raise chickens in the city?  Are these your chickens?  Want to know more about getting into the game?

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